About the Resource Directory

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I've had no choice but to eliminate the Resource Directory entirely, as it was drawing hack-attempts on a daily basis.  Sorry, but I have much better things to do that sit and add hacker IPs to my IP Deny mgr in cPanel.  All the IPs already added to the Deny mgr will stay denied.

Happy New Year! First 2014 Templates

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joomla3iconTo welcome in the new year, I'm releasing my 2 latest J3 templates now, as a New Year's gift.  Both are special-purpose templates, though both could be slightly modified to make them more generic.  

miles2go-200x150First up, in time for MLK Day and Black History Month, is Miles2Go.  Although this one includes a header of notable black persons, removing the header renders this template quite generic, just a continuum of grays on a blurry forest background, with many of my usual 3D effects.  Click Here or the image for more details.

myvalentine-200x150Next, for Valentines Day, is a brand-new design, My Valentine. This one is fairly specific in design, with many hearts and a great deal of pink and red, but I suppose it could be used for a romantic theme, a wedding perhaps. Many of my usual 3D effects, and a couple of new ones.  Click Here or the image for more details.

Next Up --
St. Patrick's Day!

I'm in Print!

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I feel like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" : "I'm in print, I'm in print!"  But seriously, an article I wrote was published last week at Dart-Creations.com, "Turbocharge Your Joomla! Admin" -- check it out; it's set to open in a new window or tab.  I'm kinda proud of it.  :)

Templates for Joomla! 3.x

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joomla3iconThere's a new Joomla! in town, and although it's not yet rated for production sites (still a STS), obviously it's the direction in which all things Joomla! are heading, so I figured I'd better get on the train or get left behind -- so I've created 5 new templates just for Joomla! 3.1.x.

I've also made a change in my own tools for creating templates -- no more Artisteer unless I want to pay another $69 to upgrade to their new version that handles Joomla! 3.x.  So my new templates are all built on the Warp Framework, by Yootheme.  While it's true that anyone can download Yootheme's free Master Theme, and with the built-in controls can manage to create a reasonably custom site, it does take a bit of time and planning and artistic ability to come up with a pleasing visual interface -- and a thorough knowledge of CSS is also usually helpful.

So, just as free as Yootheme's plain Master Theme, now there are free CrypticSites templates built on the same framework -- so if you see a template here, for 3.1.x, that's *almost* right, you can probably make changes to it yourself, to make it *just* right, and trust me, that Warp Framework kicks BUTT -- CrypticSites is now running a Warp template, a customized version of my own CrypticGray 3 template, available below.

So, here we go...

By the way -- these templates were all created under Joomla! 3.1.6, but I have ascertained that they WILL install in Joomla! 3.2.

Vivaldi, for All 4 Seasons

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joomla25iconNew for Summer 2013, Vivaldi, which is actually for all four seasons -- hence the name.  All four seasonal variations are included, you just choose which to use in the backend template config -- easy!  To see a working demo, visit http://vivaldi.crypticsites.com/ -- or click the image above to visit Vivaldi's page and download it!

This may  be the last template for Joomla! 2.5; I am beginning this week to learn and design for Joomla! 3.x.  Naturally all my past templates will remain available indefinitely.

An Update on the Update

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As promised, I have streamlined the site somewhat, in order to get it loading faster for those with less-than-lightspeed internet connections.  The only pages where the old template is still used are the Resource Directory and the Sitemap (because those pages only seem to look good with THAT template); the rest of the site is now displaying a MUCH faster template that still looks quite like the old one (which I liked a great deal for its looks, but not for its speed!).

I've spent the better part of two weeks trying to learn how to really optimize the site for faster loading, and to judge from the results I've seen on Yslow and PageSpeed, my efforts have been successful.  I sincerely hope that anyone who visits CrypticSites will find it a pleasant, useful experience, and will find template(s) that suit their needs.  From personal experience I know that slow sites are the PITS, and I am sorry to have inflicted that slowness for so long.

Oh, and I found out -- it's not Internet Explorer that has a problem with my site; it was MY OLD version of IE that was choking; when I upgraded it from IE6 to IE8, it started loading just fine.  It looks awful, of course, but that's IE for you; it just can't render pages worth a crap.  I strongly recommend the use of Chrome for this site, or in a pinch, Firefox will do.  Or even Opera.  Heck, ANYTHING but IE!

Site News, April 2013

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Because it has come to my attention that:  A) this site will not load in IE, in fact, it freezes it solid; and B) it's slow to load for those with less-than-Xfinity type internet connections, and C) the subscription system doesn't seem to be working, I've taken the following steps:

Three New Templates with Extras

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Luminescence Fleur de Lis Radiance

joomla25iconI've spent a couple months getting these three new templates ready.  It took so long because these 3 have a new feature:  color theme selectable in the back-end template config!  Fleur de Lis has 12 colors; Luminescence and Radiance each have 6 colors.

I've removed the "free" versions, since a) all templates are now free to registered users, and b) you get the monochrome version (which was all the free versions contained) with  the multi-color versions.

More Articles...

Template Demos

Demos of all the downloadable J!1.5 and J!2.5 templates (except Fleur de Lis, Luminescence, Radiance, and Vivaldi) can be found at:crypticdemos-lgico



For demos of Fleur de Lis, Luminescence, Radiance, and Vivaldi, visit the following:


And also for the new Joomla! 3 templates, each template will have its own subdomain.

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